Program Services

Cystic fibrosis doesn't look for wealth when it chooses its victims. For that reason, financial assistance is available for persons with CF in North Dakota. A family’s medical bills can reach thousands of dollars every year. These expenses can financially devastate families and/or place them on tax-supported programs. The Cystic Fibrosis Association (CFA) offers financial support for medical expenses that are not covered by insurance, and funding to improve the quality of life for people with CF and their families.

Medications:  Significant amounts of medications and supplements are required to manage cystic fibrosis. It is common for people with CF to take 40 to 80 pills daily. In recent years, research has produced medications that improve the treatment of CF, but at enormous cost.  For example, several new medications each cost $3,000 monthly.

Lung Funds:  There are times when someone with cystic fibrosis has done everything they can to fight the disease and to maintain their relative state of health, and still their lung function has continued to diminish to a point at which lung transplantation must be considered. CFA is there to assist those members at that time. CFA will match up to $30,000 to assist with the costs related to that transplant.

College Assistance:  CFA philosophy is to assist young people who suffer from CF  in becoming productive members of society.  College students can receive scholarship grants, or in the case of Graduate School, no-interest loans to cover those expenses that otherwise would be earned through work-study or part-time jobs. The rationale behind the scholarship program is to allow enough free time so that students will not have to choose between doing necessary inhalation and chest physiotherapy, and studying.

Medical Appointment Travel:  This new policy is designed to assist families who must travel extended distances for medical care. Please see attached worksheet in order to claim this benefit.

Hardship Assistance:  This is based on individual circumstances.

Newsletter: "#BreatheEasier" is the quarterly publication of the CFA.  The newsletter shares news about the Association, and reprints articles from other journals and publications about pertinent research and treatment.  

Public Awareness:  Awareness and education of the public about CF is an ongoing project for the Association.

Lobbying:  CFA will comment on legislation and/or initiate legislation that may affect persons with cystic fibrosis.